Our company, which serves in the international home textile and souvenir sector, has an important place in the sector with its perspective that renews itself day by day, is environmentally friendly, innovative and directs the sector. It expands its product range day by day by using the latest technologies in both home textiles and giftware departments.


We follow the technology closely and serve with the most innovative, sustainable, nature-friendly, printed ready-to-wear products of the industry. We offer a wide range of products with vibrant colors and patterns. With the power of producing in-house, we offer our customers the opportunity to produce special orders.


We are serving in the souvenir and touristic ready-made clothing sector with our brand, which has a history of 25 years. With its wide product range, it keeps the pulse of the sector with its region-specific embroidered products in all product groups.


With our young and dynamic brand, we closely follow the tourism textile fashion and give direction to the fashion. With our wide product range and modern patterns, we offer our customers the opportunity to produce embroidered ready-to-wear products that they can personalize.